Thursday, March 8, 2012

Color Approach

By now you've heard that Spring/Summer 2012 is all about color. Pops of color, color-blocking, even neons are back in the mix. (I not-so-fondly recall a neon phase in middle school.) For the color-averse, this shopping season is going to be a nightmare. And not just because of these shoes:
Only if you're an on-trend Satyr.

Many of the closets I visit are devoid of color. For whatever reason color is a little scary, slightly impractical, or just plain confusing. Good news: if you've been avoiding color for the past few years then you have the perfect base wardrobe to support a few new acquisitions in this year's eye-popping palette.

Here are some approachable, practical ways to incorporate bright color in to your spring/summer looks:
  • Bring it down a notch: mix brights with solid neutrals like khaki, navy, gray and olive
  • Stick to accessories: if you're really spooked, save the color for bags, shoes, and jewelry
  • Go muted: your color story doesn't have to be super-bright - softer hues like aquamarine, lavender, and orange sherbert are colors too

I have loads of shopping suggestions. Here they are:

Pair this soft orange with a white tank and a neutral or brown shoe. So breezy! From Urban Outfitters.
Juicy stripes on this Nine West clutch.

Brights can be really tough for some complexions. Easy fix: wear it down low. Pants from Forever 21.
How 'bout this with white jeans and a simple gray T? Other colors available at Old Navy.
Lots of bold prints out there this season. This one is a bit more restrained, but super-fun. From local designer Garnish.
This is a tough color next to the face ... so fab on the foot! From J.Crew.

Colorful and comfortable ... gosh I love these. Find 'em at Zappos.

I'm hoping the color trend is here to stay for a while. (Giant, neon goat-boy shoes, not so much.) It certainly makes the shops prettier for browsing and sunny days look a little sunnier.

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