Friday, April 11, 2014

Seriously, Leggings Are Not Pants

I indulged in some commercial air-travel of late. As usual, the experience didn't disappoint in the people-watching department.

It's a miasma of humanity at the airport. The veteran traveler with a tidy carry-on, buckwheat neck pillow, and appropriately small toiletries. Strictly-business-travelers with all manner of electronic ephemera and a determined, get-there-on-time-dammit attitude. Families with bursting-to-full bags of all shapes and sizes with children risking life and limb on the people movers. It's a good show.

What's not good is the clothing choices by my fellow travelers. (I've ranted about this before!) It is absolutely possible to be comfortable and presentable. On my flight home there were no less than ten female travelers wearing leggings. Leggings as pants.

Technically, leggings could be considered pants because they occupy space on the lower half of the body. Here's why they aren't pants: they're footless tights. Neither the fabric nor the construction of leggings flatter the pelvic area. It may look like your leggings are thick enough to conceal your cute printed panties (and your anatomy) ... but bend over and that fabric stretches to show everything.

Leggings are not pants, even on the most toned backside.
Excellent reference material here.

And if those images aren't convincing enough. Try Googling "Leggings Are Not Pants." You will get almost 49 million related links. That's right, 49 million.


  1. and jammies are not pants either.
    FYI spend one hour in your local high school to see a pleathora of not pants, not a complete shirt and not shoes. Don't get me started!!

  2. That's what I mean wannna see the tramp stamp. Yikes!

  3. RIGHT?! I get so irritated by the butt-leggings and the God-awful PINK sweatpants in the airport. Everywhere. The worst is when the leggings are "dressed up" with equestrian boots, as if the leggings look legitimate with boots. If these girls could just put even a cargo skirt over the leggings, that would make me so happy. Or wear a fly tracksuit or a full-on dance outfit instead, if one insists on leggings. LOL Lilly!

  4. I was really surprised to be traveling in another country recently, how much ladies of all shapes or sizes were wearing leggings as pants. Making no apologies, or concessions to ... whatever, by wearing a tunic or something. just pants. Like leggings with a short jacket. could it be a matter of economy? because leggings are also very inexpensive... but I wondered at the mindset there, because I would feel compelled to wear a tunic or stretchy skirt or something that came down longer. interesting.j